Seven reflections on what we're missing in lockdown


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We are undoubtably living through some of the strangest times any of us have ever experienced. We wanted to take a moment gather some thoughts and reflections from some of the people we work with; artists, companies and venue teams, on what their experience has been so far. This week, we asked people what single thing they’ve missed most during the lockdown, whether theatre and performance related or not. Here is a selection of the responses, we hope you enjoy reading them.


Thank you to everyone who contributed. If you’d like to share your reflections and experiences with us at this time, please do get in touch

"I miss being in the audience when a performance is electric and everybody knows it and I really miss going for a swim."
Kris Nelson, Artistic Director, LIFT  (LIFT are currently fundraising for their 2021 festival, to donate click here)

"Interactions with strangers. The kind of unplanned little conversations you might have with someone at a pub bar or eye contact with other tired commuters on a train platform. It's made me realise how many shared moments I have with strangers everyday and how important they are."
Colette Auer, Creative Learning and Programme Manager, Stratford Circus Arts Centre 

"It is obvious, but the one thing I have missed is the freedom to choose to go somewhere, to grab a coffee and chat together with people, to pop into a shop, go to the local gallery at lunchtime or drop into the pub on a Friday afternoon after work." 
Julia Negus, Producer, Theatre Absolute

"In terms of our work, it has to be that moment when an unsuspecting member of the public stumbles into an absurd, ridiculous segment of our live public show, and just totally throws themselves into it (hard to recreate digitally). Oh, and seeing each other! As a duo working for 10+ years, every day apart breaks our little hearts."
Hunt and Darton  (Hunt and Darton are currently performing their show Radio Local in a new digital format. Find out more here)

"The joy and camaraderie of singing in my choir - we keep in touch by zoom - but it's not the same as being in the same space and belting out a tune!"
Claire Smith, Rural Touring Dance Initiative 

"This is going to sound sad – but I’ve really missed going in to work. Working from home is fine, and I quite enjoy it now and again, but I really miss being around other people who I have a shared sense purpose with."
Richard Muncaster, Interim Executive Director,Stratford Circus Arts Centre

"I miss easy access to theatre and gigs, being in the room with others and feeling the vibe. There will be a new interpretation of this I’m sure, we just have to work out what it is and hope that the Govt doesn’t throw our industry under a bus. Specifically, I miss pubs! I grew up in pubs, gigged in bands in pubs, dated in pubs. I like pubs. For the beer, sure, but also because every pub has a narrative going on the minute you walk in and I love to sit and work out the various strands." 
Chris O’Connell, Artistic Director, Theatre Absolute

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