What Do Photographers and Videographers Want You To Know?


At Mobius, we work with many freelancers, suppliers and other creative agencies to help your campaign come to life. In our second post in this series, we hear from our photographers and videographers about what their top tips are for getting the most out of working with them. 

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Rich Southgate - Videographer

Wherever possible, having a really clear idea of what you’d like from the finished product is so useful for videographers. References can be really helpful, either from the videographer in question’s work or from something you’ve seen elsewhere that you’d like to emulate. Depending on the content, it can sometimes be just as useful to send examples of what you aren’t quite looking for too, if you think that might help clarify something. Sharing a particular shooting or editing style that you’ve seen with a videographer can be invaluable for conveying what you’re looking for (though it’s always worth being aware of your budget vs what the budget might have been of your references!). If your content is going to include music, one of the most common things to slow down edits is often music choices, and if a particular track or style can be agreed upon in advance of or early in the edit then so much the better. Of course sometimes different tracks need to be tried and tested, but it’s always good to avoid being held up post-shoot by music choices if at all possible!
Website - www.richsouthgate.com
Instagram - @richsouthgate

Erica Belton - Videographer

Make sure the brief is clear in terms of what is expected so it can be quoted properly - the main one I find for editing is captioning, often clients ask at the last minute and depending on the length of it it can be quite a long process. Plus resizing for different social media formats should be clear from the start as this is also quite time consuming. Then I'd say sound is a big one too, if you want a high end sound recording this needs to be discussed early on as it often depends on the venue and what system you have.
X - @pipfilms

Rah Petherbridge - Photographer

Have a shot list! Have a concise list well in advance of the shoot day. Being able to discuss this with the photographer and manage the expectations is key for getting the most from your investment.
Instagram - @rahpetherbridgephotography
Website - www.rahpetherbridge.com

James Barrett - Videographer

Collaborate to develop a shared language and understanding of your vision for the work. Discuss how to realise what you want to bring to life and enjoy the process!

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