Open letter from UK-based communications professionals in the Performing Arts


Mobius Industries is a signatory to this letter, published today in The Stage. NB this version contains additional names of individuals who signed after the letter was submitted for publication.

Open letter from UK-based communications professionals in the Performing Arts

We work as PR and marketing professionals in the performing arts and recognise that we are one interdependent group amongst many in our industry alongside performers, technicians, writers, theatre makers, directors, photographers, designers, choreographers and many more.

We stand in solidarity with all in the industry at this time. Without artists, companies and venues, our work doesn’t exist. We are also keen to use our skills to amplify the voices of others in the performing arts who need to be heard.

We support those who are contributing to government and industry consultations about the future of the sector but are also concerned that in the consultation exercises so far underway, the voices of communications professionals, particularly those who work freelance, have not yet been heard.

The reality is that many of us currently supported by the Self Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) will not be able to continue our work when it ends, which could be as soon as August. Those of us that are employers will be severely impacted by the tapering and eventual end of the furlough scheme in October, which many are currently relying on to pay our teams. And some of us whose businesses are newer or fall on the other side of the financial limit have never been eligible for any support. Along with everyone else, we have been badly hit by the closure of theatres and venues and it will take a long time for our livelihoods to recover.

Our work is specialist and bespoke and we have great knowledge of (and passion for), the performance work that we are trusted to promote. In common with many in the industry, the work we do has the potential to be more lucrative in other sectors but we have built our careers and businesses around the arts over many years. We are also part of an infrastructure which supports artists and enables tickets to be sold. We call on the theatre, dance and performing arts industries to acknowledge us as collaborators and include our voices in lobbying efforts and consultation exercises, and we offer our skills in making them a success.

Alison Fordham
Anna Goodman, Abstrakt Publicity
Arabella Neville-Rolfe, ANRPR
Ariane Oiticica, Unavoidable PR
Chloé Nelkin, Chloé Nelkin Consulting
Claire Bowdler Arts Marketing
Clióna Roberts, CRPR
The Corner Shop PR
David Burns, David Burns PR
Dawn Farrow
Duncan Clarke, Duncan Clarke PR
Emma Ferrier, Act One PR
Flick Morris, Flick Morris PR
Gaby Jerrard, Gaby Jerrard PR
Helen Annetts
Helen Fussell
Judy Lipsey
Katherine Camps Kilgour, Bright Media
Kevin Wilson, Kevin Wilson Public Relations
Laura Horton
Lucy White, Lucy White Arts Marketing
Madelaine Bennett
Martha Oakes
Matthew Shelley
Michael Eppy, Michael Eppy PR
Michelle Mangan
Mobius Industries
Nancy Poole
Rasheed Rahman
Robert James
Sharon Kean, Keanlanyon Ltd
Sharon McHendry
Simon Harper
Storytelling PR
Sue Lancashire
Susie Safavi, Safavi PR
Victoria Shead
Wendy Niblock
Will Wood, Multitude Media

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