Five Tips on Using TikTok for Theatre


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TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world in October – and it can provide access to a huge audience. The aim is to create video content that has the potential to go viral and reach hundreds or thousands of people. There's an audience waiting for you on TikTok, but theatres and artists can be reluctant to get involved.

Where do you start? This creation will need nothing more than your phone’s camera. All you need to do is film short videos of clear content on where and what your event is - check out the detailed points to follow below filled with tips and strategies from Mobius’s Distribution Assistant Annabel Burgham, who has just passed 10k followers on her own account @AnnabelBurgham 

“Don’t make ads, make TikToks.” – TiktokForBusiness.

Main Video Footage

The main video footage needs to consist of at least 15 videos of approximately 10 seconds. These must all be recorded vertically to best fit the display. The more video clips the better: not every second of the footage will be used, just the best bits to be cropped to keep your video snappy.

Tip 1: Think about your angles/close ups/further away: keep it varied to keep it engaging and it’ll be harder to lose interest!

Tip 2: How about mixing it up with some ‘speechy’ content? A short section of an ‘interview type’ video with a cast/crew member, even from yourself works! Give your watchers a quick review or even some commentary, tell a story throughout!

Where, what and when is this being filmed?

How about starting off with a clip of the outside of the venue to give the context to where you are? This will also give your viewers the impression that they are coming along with you. Follow this with short bursts of videos of you entering and what you see around you. Think of it as a virtual tour!

Get to the point - you want your audience to be fully aware as to what you are showing them within the first half of the film. Maybe there’s a poster, flyer or sign with the title of the event you are attending. This is going to be worth taking a close up video to really set the scene. You don’t want the viewer to forget the name!

It’s important to include key information on the event to avoid confusion for the viewer. Perhaps an up close video displaying the dates of the showings? If this isn’t anywhere to be found make sure to include this on in a text box or even included in the caption.

Tip: The newest feature on the app is getting a text box to ‘speak’ - a fun way to include a voice over!

Background Music

There’s an option to layer the video with background music. TikTok supports videos that use sounds that are already performing well. There are plenty of different types of music available but think about what type of vibe you want your video to give off. Use a piece of music you feel reflects the subject of the film.

Tip: use music that is currently ‘trending’ on TikTok this will give your video a higher chance of being featured on the ‘For you Page’. 

Is it worth giving your TikTok a caption?

Absolutely! Keep it short and sweet but be sure to give a title to the film. Name the event/place/dates.

Tip: include hashtags!

Do hashtags really work?

Yes. Hashtagging hugely encourages engagement on any social media platform… especially TikTok! Help your video to get more visibility by using hashtags in your caption. Often people will search a tag to find something they are looking for or interested in. So, keep it general.

Tip: if you hashtag #FYP (for you page) this will be picked up by the algorithm and will up the chance of playing on the ‘for you page’ which is where your audiences are.


We are super excited to have launched our own TikTok account, run by Annabel – do follow us on @Mobiusindustries for an example of what we do! We’ve been filming behind the scenes at rehearsals and press nights, with the best bits posted into a fun, stylish video.

Have you started to include TikTok into your marketing strategies? Are you interested in learning more about ways it can help you reach your audiences? Do get in touch and let us know

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