A guest editor for the Mobius blog: Sam Sims


Sam Sims

Samuel Sims is a freelance writer and editor. He has been with A Younger Theatre for six years, formerly as reviews co-ordinator, before becoming managing editor this year. Passionate, bordering on obsessive about championing the unheard, he has contributed to Sister Magazine about sex workers and veganism and written about LGBT fairy tales for QX. He has been learning Japanese for the past three years and can often be found muttering it to himself in Covent Garden.

As Guest Editor of the Mobius blog, Samuel Sims will focus on the idea of success and particularly how it is defined by those working in the arts and how they in turn are defined by others. In his first article he speaks to friends who have gone from acting in major West-End shows before going back to that ‘rent paying’ job working front of house. Can they still be called ‘successful’? The series will continue by pondering the mental health side of working in the arts to hearing from a writer with a West-End run under her belt, who still considers herself ‘skint’.


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